So you’re looking at moving your belongings to your new home. With one of three furniture trucks available from Tauranga truck hire company ABC Rentals, your job will be much easier. However, before you start we’d like to recommend the following tips:

1. Make sure the rental truck is the right size. Ideally, select one that has 10 – 15% more storage space than you think you might need. The last thing you want is to make more trips than necessary. You also want to avoid packing your precious belongings too high or too tightly in the hire truck. This will help prevent unwanted damage to your goods. You also don’t want to load or stack things that are difficult or dangerous to get to.2. Prearrange an extra set of strong arms to help you move the big stuff like furniture, beds, appliances.

3. Make sure the hire truck comes with trolleys and packing blankets for protecting your furniture and other larger valuables. You might also need load-locking straps.

4. Place as many of your belongings into sturdy boxes and label them with their contents. This will make the packing and unpacking process faster. Having similar sized boxes allows for better stacking in your rental truck. Stack the heaviest boxes on the truck with lighter ones on top.

5. When loading the hire truck, be sure to put the heaviest items in first, right to the front of the truck. This will include major appliances and furniture. Be sure to keep refrigerators and dishwashers upright. To ensure a balanced rental truck, try to distribute weight evenly on each side.

6. Place longer household items like mattresses, mirrors and sofas along the sides of the truck.

7. If you have large rugs or any form of mat, it’ll pay to roll them up first before loading onto the truck.

8. Finally, be sure to be security conscious during the whole moving process. If the truck is parked on a public road, be sure to always have someone within eye sight of it during the loading and unloading process.

Happy moving from the team at ABC Rentals, the leading Tauranga car rental and truck hire company.