Things to do in Tauranga

Best Short Drives from Tauranga

Driving is the best way to explore the stunning Bay of Plenty and it doesn’t have to mean an epic road trip. There are a number of fantastic destinations just a short drive from Tauranga that are well worth the visit. Get behind the wheel and experience some stunning scenery and fun activities for […]

Getting Around Tauranga

One of the many appealing features of Tauranga as a city is the ease at which you can get from A to B. Unlike other major cities in New Zealand, there is next-to-no traffic congestion. Whichever suburb of Tauranga you like in, you can expect no more than 15 minutes behind the wheel of […]

Shopping in Tauranga

Everybody loves Tauranga’s laid back beach lifestyle and endless sunshine but one of Tauranga’s best kept secrets are its impressive shopping facilities. Each suburb offers its own fantastic shopping experience, well worth a visit.

Bethlehem Shopping CentreJust 10 minutes drive north of Tauranga, this large, stylish outdoor shopping complex is open seven days a week. […]

Getting Married in Tauranga

To those who’ve tied the knot here, it is obvious why Tauranga is such a popular place to get married. The Bay of Plenty offers a range of wedding venues with beautiful settings, breath-taking views, warm, sunny weather, and caterers offering sensational local produce. And there’s plenty of stunning sightseeing to be had nearby […]

Tracks and Trails in Tauranga

Get your walking shoes on because while your rental car can take you almost anywhere, some of Tauranga’s most interesting places are best visited on foot. From an easy stroll to a picturesque waterfall to hiking in the hills, here are our picks for top walks with something for all interests and abilities.


A Bay […]

Walking in Tauranga

Because of its climate and location right next to the beach, Tauranga is quite a health and lifestyle-rich location. It’s of little or no surprise that the greater Tauranga region has a multitude of walking options available.


Mount Maunganui is just a 5 minute drive from ABC Rental Cars in Tauranga and its iconic  232m […]

Tauranga Tours

Tauranga Tours

With over 80 cruise ships docking at the Port of Tauranga each summer, there are many local tourist operators all vying for the dollar and catering to the demands of thousands of holidaymakers.

One of the main draw cards of Tauranga as a cruise ship destination is its close proximity to Rotorua, which offers […]

Tauranga Lifestyle Capital of New Zealand

Tauranga has long been heralded one of New Zealand’s go-to holiday destinations. Its soft sand beaches, temperate climate and relaxed pace puts it head and shoulders ahead of its rivals.

Prior to the mid 1990s however, many New Zealanders considered Tauranga to be nothing more than a holiday hot spot and retirement town. It was […]

Tauranga Restaurants & Bars

Tauranga is one of the fastest growing cities in New Zealand and consequently there are always new and exciting restaurants and bars opening up.

In downtown Tauranga on the Strand and in the heart of Mount Maunganui there are a plethora of options when it comes to eating both locally grown food as well as […]

Things To Do in Tauranga


Tauranga is New Zealand’s no.1 summer holiday destination and it has been for many years. With its temperate climate, geographic location, white sand beaches and laid back approach, it’s little wonder really.

Being a consistently sunny city with a beach just a 2 minute walk east of the harbour opens up a plethora of water-based […]

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